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   Frequently Asked Questions
What is the best way to shop on Mums and More?
For general tips on shopping on Mums and More, visit our How to Shop page.

How do I save my item to view later?
If you're shopping on Mums and More and find an item you would like to save for viewing later, simply log in and click the 'Add to Wish List' on the product page to save the item to your Wish List. When you come back to Mums and More later, simply visit My Wish List to view the items you saved.

What is Buyers’ Protection?
Mums and More Buyer Protection program guarantees that you will receive your order as described and in good condition. If something goes wrong, Buyer Protection protects you 100%. To learn more about Buyer Protection, please visit: http://www.mumsandmore.com.ng/mm_buyer_protection.aspx

How do I make payment for purchases on Mums and More?
For now, we only have Payment On Delivery option.
Cash Payment (Note that couriers may have limits on the maximum amount of cash they can collect).
Point of Service (POS) with Visa/Mastercard

How do I check the current status of my order?
Sign in to your Mums and More account and visit the My Order section. From there, you can view information on all your orders.

What are the different order statuses and what do they mean?
New Order: Your order has been received and is being processed.
Shipped: Your order has been marked as shipped and is on its way to you.
Delivered: Order was delivered awaiting your confirmation.
(After 3 days, this status may automatically update to "Delivery Confirmed" unless you state otherwise).
Delivery Confirmed: Your order has been delivered.
Dispute: You have requested cancellation of an order that has been shipped.
Canceled: The order has been cancelled.

How do I cancel an order?
You can request to cancel your order online by 1) signing into your account, 2) visiting My Orders, and 3) clicking the button to cancel your order. You can also call 08023101719 or 08164151599 to request order cancellation. While you may instantly cancel orders not yet shipped, please note that orders marked “Shipped” cannot be canceled. Nevertheless, you have the option of rejecting or accepting the order on delivery. In the event of an order being rejected after confirmation by Mums and More, buyer will be liable to payment of shipping cost on delivery.

What is the estimated delivery time?
When can I expect my order to arrive? Within Lagos, orders are delivered within 3 working days. For outside Lagos, your order should arrive within 1-14 days of order processing.

How will the delivery be done?
Your order may be delivered by Mums and More or by other courier companies. You will be called prior to or on the same day as delivery to ensure your availability to receive your order.

What should I do on delivery of my order?
On delivery of your order, kindly ensure that your items are as described and are not defective before payment.

What if I want to return an item that is not defective or damaged?
Because the item you received was as described and in good condition, Mums and More may be limited in providing a resolution on this kind of item.
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